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How many parking tickets are in your car right now?

Parking Tickets
How many of you regularly use your own money to pay for parking while on business?
Probably lots of you and let me guess you save the tickets up in your car with great intentions to fill in an Expense Claim soon. But that’s a real chore so you never quite get round to filling in that claim. Well, a parking ticket is only a few pounds, right? But these few pounds can soon mount up.
According to a recent survey the UK workforce is losing over £330 million per year in unclaimed expenses. That’s a lot of parking tickets!
Thankfully help is at hand, there is a way to get rid of the laborious monthly Expense Claim. By using the ‘Xero Touch’ app you can take a photo of your parking ticket, upload it directly into your Xero accounting software and then you don’t even need to keep the receipt.
So now there’s no excuse for any parking tickets in your car!
And here’s Xero Touch in action!