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When is the best time to switch to Xero?

When is the best time to switch to Xero?

You’ve read all about it, you’ve talked to other users, now you are finally convinced that you want to switch your accounting to Xero. But, and we get asked this on a regular basis – “When is the best time to convert to Xero?”

Without a doubt the preferred time to do the switch is at your year-end date. Why is your year-end date the best choice?

1) It’s neater, you end with one system and start with a new system at your year-end date.
2) It makes reviewing your financial performance easier – you have a complete year on each system.
3) Opening balances are usually readily available at your year-end date.

But, are there times when we would choose a different date? Absolutely!! We have converted clients mid-year and continue to do so.

Here are the main reasons for switching mid-year:

1) Your current system is creating a huge headache and the benefits from Xero are just too appealing.
2) You are impatient, you believe that there is no time like the present and your year-end date is still 6 months away.
3) You are moving to a Xero accountant.

Whatever time you decide on, the main thing is to plan the switch, have accurate opening balances available and check and double check all your opening entries.

If you are interested in switching to Xero we would be happy to have a chat with you, and help manage the process.